Letting Go of Toxic People

Sometimes letting go of toxic relationships is harder than dealing with the toxic person. I always tell people, you leave when you’re ready to leave. Don’t be hard on yourself if you just can’t leave them right now. Be patient with yourself. Show compassion for yourself as you would someone that you know and love if they were in a toxic relationship. Not every toxic relationship is physically violent. If you’re in a violent relationship, it’s so important to have a safety plan in place before leaving. That helps lower your risk of being hurt by your partner. Here is a link to a safety plan to fill out and keep in a safe place so your partner doesn’t find it. https://www.thehotline.org/plan-for-safety/create-a-safety-plan/#gf_1 Whether the toxic relationship is violent or not, when you end the relationship, remember you still have to grieve. Put one foot in front of the other and allow yourself to grieve the person you thought your partner was, and not the one they turned out to be. Cry until you don’t need to cry anymore, and breathe deep, healing breaths. There is a love on the other side of this.

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