About Regina

Regina was raised in a traditional religious family. In her young adult life, her spiritual journey continued to expand.  She began to learn to see the Divine as a loving and Powerful Energy of good that is completely and totally about unconditional love and acceptance.

She learned that God was not out to punish at every turn, but a Spirit of pure love. It expresses itself through each and every one of us equally, and we were created out of this Divine Love.


“If I’m looking at my life, and I don’t like what I see, I can change my circumstances through realizing that I am a human being on a spiritual journey. My life is under my control. Through spiritual principles, I can shift my consciousness to manifest the happiness and success that I desire.”

Regina’s journey began 22 years ago. With a deeper understanding of Divine Love, she began to see that the life she was living, both negative and positive, was a reflection of her own thoughts and that every thought is a prayer. She learned that where her focus is, and how connected she is with her life as a child of God, she can create the life she desires.

Through a heightened spiritual connection, and a healthy and positive thought process, we can change our life experiences through changing our thoughts to align them with our Highest Good.

It’s not just about positive thinking, but about positive spiritual connection, and realizing that Spirit is for us, not against us. We have a Divine Power within us to create anything and everything we could ever need or want.


Born and raised in Southern California, Regina now resides in Middleton, Idaho. Regina has two grown children.  They are the most wonderful gift she’s ever been given. Regina loves the outdoors, camping, swimming, riding bikes, movies and music, and spending time with her two kids.  She has a life-long love of animals and is the “mother” to one dog and one cat. She enjoys learning more about herself and others. Regina cherishes spending time with like-minded friends, and long walks.

and Training…

  • Certified sealPsychic Medium
  • Ordained Minister & Wedding Officiant
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Certified Prayer Practitioner (through Centers for Spiritual Living & University of Metaphysics & University of Sedona)
  • Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science
  • Received an Associate’s Degree in Science at Cypress Community College
  • Licensed Prayer Practitioner & Licensed Minister through the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics, founded by Dr. Paul Leon Masters.
  • Addiction Specialist (Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor through the University of Irvine, California; Clean & Sober since 1981)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor