Psychic Readings

Private Sessions

Regina begins with your first name only and then a prayer to ask your angels and spirit guides to speak to her for the person’s greatest good.  The prayer is a focus on what brought the person to her in the first place.  Regina listens to your angels and spirit guides to gather the information you are seeking, as well as anything that the Spirit of God wants you to know or learn.

Regina is able to answer questions that you may have for your loved ones or for yourself, as well as connect to your loved ones who have passed.  She is able to gather information that you seek and information that you need but did not ask for.  Her readings are always positive and with solutions. You may ask her any questions on your mind.

Telephone Sessions

Appointments are available from 2 PM to Midnight MST Daily.

15-Min Phone Reading with Regina (15 minutes @ $35.00)

  • 15-Min appointments are a great way to address an urgent need, or pressing questions, and receive quick guidance.

30-Min Phone Reading with Regina (30 minutes @ $60.00)

  • 30-Min appointments I begin with what I call a cold reading, with only your name. and then you can spend the rest of your reading asking questions that you need answers to, or to gain clarity from your general reading, or both. This session includes a reading from my angel cards (messages from your angels).

45-Min Phone Reading with Regina (45 minutes @ $90.00)

  • 45-Min appointments are a great way to address more complex situations or questions. This session includes a reading from Angel Cards (messages from your angels).

60-Min Phone Reading with Regina (1 hour @ $120.00)

  • 60-Min appointments explore complex life situations, allowing time for a full reading, addressing all your questions, and receiving in-depth guidance. This session includes a reading from your Angel Cards (messages from your angels), and a Prayer Treatment–an affirmative prayer focused on a positive outcome for a negative situation. It’s very effective for health, love, career & finances, pets, and more.

Group Readings & Event Rates

Make your event a unique, memorable and insightful time!

Regina provides Psychic Readings for you and your guests.  They are high-quality, professional services, with truth and integrity.  People will walk away from your event feeling incredible!  Regina meets with each person in attendance.

Group Rates:

  • $225.00 (2 hours)
  • $75.00 each additional hour

What to Expect

Regina arrives one half hour before the scheduled time, to begin her prayer and meditation.

A private room is best for Regina to connect with Spirit and receive messages.


Travel Expenses

You may additionally be charged for travel as appropriate if the destination is outside a 30-mile round-trip or requires excessive travel time due to specific conditions. Most travel inside Ada, Canyon, and Gem County are exempt from additional fee for travel.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Payments incur a fee for using this method, as this fee is used to offset the direct charges that I incur. For best pricing, please consider a no-fee option such as cash or check.


“Thank you so much for the insight.  You’re very accurate.”

~ Gretta

“Wonderful lady, easy to talk, she gave me straight answers to my questions right of away. I really like this lady, I would definitely come back to her for more.  Give her a call, she will not waste your money or your time.. Thank you so much!!”

~ Maddy

“Great gift of prophecy!  She is very fast and accurate.  Will be calling again”

~ Hannah

“Excellent! a pleasure to talk to: honest, fast, and detailed. I’m glad I got a chance to talk to this person today & will definitely call again when I have more questions.”

~ Mootzie

“I would like to say thank you to Regina for being so helpful to me. May God bless you for what you do.”

~ Connie

“Thanks Miss Regina for tuning in. LUV her energy! She’s direct and to the point, which I appreciate GOD BLESS.”

~ Angel

“Great!! She tuned in right away!”

~ Kevin

“Thank you very much! it’s a second time for me. First predictions came to pass. You are awesome, a nice person, very fast and professional. Thank you for your help. I will talk to you soon, and God Bless you.”

~ Francis