Relaxing in a Hectic World

Life goes quickly sometimes, or so it seems.  The smooth days are easy.  It’s the hectic times, when the clutch keeps jumping and the car chokes along. I need to take a moment to breath and relax and know that this moment is temporary and changes can come quickly.  It only takes a moment to move […]

Created from the All

These are the thoughts I contemplate today. The universe has no beginning and no end.  It is ever expanding.  There are no corners, or walls, or endings.  It is beyond imagination.  The smallest part of the Universe that I can comprehend is only the very smallest particle of the Greater Good.  I, in my human […]

Thought Process & Success!

Too often we fall into negative thinking.  Because of this earthly life and it’s human challenges, it can be easy to fall prey to thoughts of lack and limitation. I have a trick that I use that instantly moves me back into that place of believing that I am one with The Divine.  When the […]

To Pray Or Not To Pray

Pray.  A personal relationship with Spirit.  It is an expression of faith in the Divine.  It is a connection to the Energy that is Love and only Love.  Love expresses itself as unconditional.  The name we call the Creator depends on our background and our faith.  It comes with many names. In prayer, we align […]