To Pray Or Not To Pray

Pray.  A personal relationship with Spirit.  It is an expression of faith in the Divine.  It is a connection to the Energy that is Love and only Love.  Love expresses itself as unconditional.  The name we call the Creator depends on our background and our faith.  It comes with many names.

In prayer, we align ourselves with the Truth of our being, that we are the expression of this Infinite Power we call God.

We come to prayer with an open mind and an open heart.  We come to prayer in a place of peace; a place of fear; a place of healing; a place of faith.  What brings us to prayer is merely the conduit.  The Higher Purpose is to connect ourselves with our true being, a child of the Divine.

Kneeling; standing; hands together; arms enfolded; in meditation; on a prayer mat; and multiple other styles of connecting to our Creator, the end goal is moving us within to our True nature as the creation of the Creator.



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