Angel’s Guidance

I do readings frequently where people ask how to connect to their angels. I have found that meditation is a great way to open ourselves to the messages of our Angels and our Spirit Guides. It is a way to relax our mind and allow the flow of information from the other side. Another way […]

Prophets & Seers

Prophets are akin to Psychics. We receive revelations and directions from your Spirit Guides and your Angels. We are a Seer. A Seer of the future. The prophets and seers have always been and are mentioned regularly in the old testament but in the new testament, there are multiple times when men and women have […]

Meditations & the Monkey Chatter

Quiet the voices in your head that block your success. Meditation quiets the monkey chatter. The monkey chatter can sabotage us and our success. By quieting your mind, you release stress and negative thoughts and this allows you to create good in your life. Release fear and DREAM BIG!