Healing Waters

71 percent of the earth is water.  50-65% of the human body is water.  We are carried in our mother’s womb in water.  We are reminded frequently that our body needs replenishing with water.  Water is essential to our survival.  The Universal Energy of Sprit surrounds us with water, and continues to sustain us through […]

Attracting Romantic Love

I have many clients contact me for prophetic experiences. They want advice on love & relationships.  There are so many layers of issues that get in our way of attracting the one person that is our perfect match. Here are a list of common blocks to allowing Spirit to bring us together with our partner […]

Be Gentle With Yourself

We all have times when we are impatient with ourselves and our spiritual progress.  We forget that we are the perfect expression of the Divine.  We were born into this body, but we are not our body.  With all of our imperfections, we are still pure and perfect manifestations God. As the Dahli Lama said, […]