Healing Waters

71 percent of the earth is water.  50-65% of the human body is water.  We are carried in our mother’s womb in water.  We are reminded frequently that our body needs replenishing with water.  Water is essential to our survival.  The Universal Energy of Sprit surrounds us with water, and continues to sustain us through water.

If we are fearful of water, we are fearful of ourselves.  We are filled with the river of life.  There is nothing to fear in the presence of water.

Water is also healing to our spirit and to our soul.  When we meditate, we are told to be in a peaceful place, and to imagine we are in a place of beauty and peace.  We often think of being at the ocean, or by a stream, or a river or lake.  Many of us have the sounds of water in our meditations.

A wonderful experience that is available to us is an Isolation Tank (also known as a Sensory Deprivation Tank or a Flotation Tank).  Generally, you schedule one hour to lie peacefully in this lightless, soundproof, body temperature salt water.  The salt water allows you to float without effort.  The only sound is your own breath.  Everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.  Some choose to visit an Isolation Tank regularly.  It offers an opportunity for total relaxation without sound, interruption, or light.  The most relaxing part of this journey is lying still in body temperature water.  It’s a wonderful experience for meditation, relaxation, alternative medicine, and spiritual connection.

No, you do not need to be on any kind of a mind altering substance to get the full benefit of this experience.  In fact, being in the tank with just “you” is all you need to connect with yourself and with the God of your understanding.


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