Attracting Romantic Love

I have many clients contact me for prophetic experiences. They want advice on love & relationships.  There are so many layers of issues that get in our way of attracting the one person that is our perfect match.

Here are a list of common blocks to allowing Spirit to bring us together with our partner for life.

1)    Trust.  Trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in the Power of God to give us our desires.  Know that Spirit intends for us to have all that we desire.  It is God’s pleasure to give us the kingdom of heaven, and that’s not a place up in the sky.  It is here within our present consciousness.

2)    Perfectionism.  It is not always in our best interest to receive the person that we think has all the qualities in looks, personality, intelligence, and spirituality.  We may be trying so hard to find what we think is the right person for us we miss the one that Spirit intends for us.  We need to realize, that what is meant to be, is the one that that fits us to perfection, not the one that is perfect.

3)    Old tapes.  We have numerous old tapes that repeat themselves over and over again.  They come from our past.  It’s generally childhood tapes.  We may have been told, overtly or covertly, that we are not good enough, or that we do not deserve anything good in our life.  It is our birthright to be happy and joyous.  Identify the old tapes and then thank them for having their opinion, but then rid yourself of these lies.  Say something like this, “Thank you for your opinion, but I know that I deserve love and happiness and I now allow Spirit to bring my perfect love to me, or me to them.”

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