Law of Attraction & How to Use it Productively

We venture into that mysterious subject of creating our good through the Universal Energy of Love and the Law of Attraction. It really isn’t much of a secret that positive thinking begets positive results and negative thinking begets negative results. However, drawing our good to ourselves is not just positive thinking but aligning ourselves with […]

A Special Message for You

Hello Friend, I thought I’d talk about “Spiritual Enlightenment” today. It’s been on my mind. To me, spiritual enlightenment comes in many forms. It may be a result of grief or loss, or from spiritual study and or church meetings. It might also be through things like meditation, yoga, taking courses, nature, the bible, or […]

A Special Message for You!

Hello Friend, This message was coming to me very strongly that we need to see through our false ideas. There are layers of social conditioning that push our real self down. We become smaller and smaller as we try to adapt to everyone else’s idea of what they think we should be, or how we […]