Each new day, a day of Inspiration

Our minds can be cluttered with negativity.  We can be drawn into an energy of doom and gloom.  It’s so important to begin each new day with positive thoughts and spiritually affirming words of encouragement.  The key is to find the source of inspiration that connects with you and your Christ.  Have a daily routine […]

Music of the Heart

Music really does soothe the soul.  When we are weary, music can lift our spirits and guide us to the Divine Within.  Quiet, meditative music is nice, but it isn’t the end all for connecting with loving ourselves and loving others.  There is a wide variety of music that will bring us to the center […]

Learn Quick Connecting to Spirit Techniques

There are an abundance of ways to go within and to connect with the God within. Here are few that I’ve used that work great!  Can’t get in to see a your pastor or spiritual advisor today? Overwhelmed or frustrated and need answers NOW?  Grab the bible, or even a book or magazine close by. […]