Music of the Heart

Music really does soothe the soul.  When we are weary, music can lift our spirits and guide us to the Divine Within.  Quiet, meditative music is nice, but it isn’t the end all for connecting with loving ourselves and loving others.  There is a wide variety of music that will bring us to the center of our being.

Music and dance are great ways to release negative energy and to boost our spirits.  Wonderful sounds of music have a positive effect in the body, mind, and spirit.

If we are walking around with negative energy and negative thought, it’s very hard to sit and relax.  Sometimes we kick up our feet and really dive into life full force with the help of classic rock, oldies but goodies, disco, rap, or whatever makes you move.  When we move, we stir the fires of our soul.

Yes, take the time to listen to soft, meditative music, and become quiet and listen to the Divine Within’s guidance.  In between, rock out and enjoy!  Namaste’

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