A Special Message for You!

Hello Friend, Sometimes life gets difficult and overwhelming. It’s hard to be grateful for anything when we’re overwhelmed and/or fearful. I learned along the way, if I write a gratitude list, it’s very hard to focus on what’s getting me down. A gratitude list is one of the tools that I use to put my […]

A Special Message Just for You

Hello Friend, There are times in life where defeat is inevitable. It’s what we do with defeat that really matters. It can knock the wind out of you, and it will try hard to keep you down, but don’t let defeat hold you back. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the […]

A Special Message for You

Hello Friend, We have the Power of the Universe, and all of our Angels, ready to give us whatever we desire. There are no limits in the Mind of the Divine. What we want to create, we CAN create! Remember that you are a powerful being in this unlimited supply of good. Grasp it today […]

A Special Message Just for You!

Hello My Friend, Home is our safe place and our place of comfort. Our home needs our attention and our love. It also requires boundaries from time to time. Keep your home your castle and your refuge. “My home is filled with love, peace, harmony, joy, and positive energy.” —Anjana D. Kumar Warmly, Regina’s Schedule […]