Learn Quick Connecting to Spirit Techniques

There are an abundance of ways to go within and to connect with the God within. Here are few that I’ve used that work great!  Can’t get in to see a your pastor or spiritual advisor today? Overwhelmed or frustrated and need answers NOW?  Grab the bible, or even a book or magazine close by.

The ones that I feel help when spiritual books are not available, believe it or not, are just books or magazines laying close by. People Magazine, or any other magazine off the rack, or in your home, that has to do with people and life experiences.  Books that have a storyline to them are great too.

Here’s how it works for me.  I sit quietly.  I hold the magazine or book in my lap.  I breathe deep and relax and “know” that God is speaking to me through this book or magazine.  (Of course, Touching the Divine Within, A Personal Journal is excellent!)  🙂  And, remember, there are NO MISTAKES!  If we seek, God will answer us. Sit quiet and ask the question, whatever it may be.  I ask for guidance.  open your eyes and open the book, trusting that Spirit will speak to you.

I did this once with a woman that came to my for prophetic advice. For some reason, I picked up a book sitting nearby. A woman asked me if she was going to be able to move into the new home that she was hoping for.  I open the book and what do I see?  A picture of a moving truck and men loading up the truck with household items!  Now you tell me, was that woman going to move?  Try it!  It really works.



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