Law of Attraction & How to Use it Productively

We venture into that mysterious subject of creating our good through the Universal Energy of Love and the Law of Attraction.

It really isn’t much of a secret that positive thinking begets positive results and negative thinking begets negative results. However, drawing our good to ourselves is not just positive thinking but aligning ourselves with a Universal Truth—it is our birthright to live our life in greatness!

All the things that we desire are within our reach with just a simple knowledge that the Universe is with us-not against us. It’s up to us to let go of these self-defeating and pessimistic ideas that we are not deserving of happiness and success.

We put so much energy into worrying and focusing on our lack of success, we miss out on receiving the abundance of the Universe.

Did you know that the Universe is always giving, always creating, always moving in the direction of good? If we’re not getting what we want out of life, we are buying into the idea that the Universe plays favorites or that this abundance is only for a select few. Prosperity of every kind (money, health, success, love, and more….) is ours for the taking and is equally doled out to anyone who wants it and to anyone who is willing to accept it. Universal Good does not play favorites!

It is given to us before we even contemplate the need. We need to learn to turn away from the negative of what our life looks like this moment and turn our thought to what it is that we wish to create in our life.

Now, I realize this is easier said than done, but I have seen this work in life over and over and over again. It is much easier to look at the bank account, or the empty place next to us in that bed, or the doctor’s report of our health. But let me ask you this, has that been working for you? If it hasn’t then it might be time for a change.

Begin with what it is that you want. Let’s say that you want plenty of money for everything that you want, need and more (to help others). Sit, close your eyes, and focus on what your life looks like if you have all the wealth you desire. What are you doing? What are you using the wealth for? The most important part of manifesting is to feel the feelings you have when you have your desires met. Feelings are the key because they move that desire into our psyche and the Universe opens to start to make that happen. Feel the feelings of having all the money you could ask for. Do you feel happy, content, fulfilled, and do you feel a sense of joy giving to others in need? Those feelings begin to produce results, and this moves through the Universe duplicating more results. You are then manifesting your desires.

Make sure that your desires are in no way harming others, and only helping you and the people that you want to help. If your desires are in alignment with the Power of Love, then you can create anything and everything you want.

Remember, you only need a mustard seed of faith to move that mountain! Allow your life to be filled with riches of every kind by aligning yourself with Universal Good through the Law of Attraction.


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