Created from the All

These are the thoughts I contemplate today.

The universe has no beginning and no end.  It is ever expanding.  There are no corners, or walls, or endings.  It is beyond imagination.  The smallest part of the Universe that I can comprehend is only the very smallest particle of the Greater Good.  I, in my human mind, can only visualize the Universe from photos I’ve seen.  I am limited in my vision of what “God” is.

When I am quiet and, and my eyes are closed, I envision what it must be like to be the Universe.  I realize that I can never encompass the boundless Energy that moves in love and in greatness.  The Energy from which I was created, created the all.

Comprehending that the Universe has never had a beginning nor an end is so powerful, I begin to realize my smallness in this human form.  But, when I contemplate that I was created out of this extraordinary and amazing Spirit, into this human form, I realize the power I have within me.  I know this because I came out of the greatest Power there is.

The appearances of lack or limitation are very real in this human experience, but when I think about how great that Power is, that is me, I realize I can let go of fear and allow my life to express this Divine wonderfulness.  I can be patient, and quiet, and see that my life, and the life I see all around me, is God and as God it is wholeness, wellness, full of life and love and laughter.

I am created from the ALL and I am at peace.







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