Keeping secrets because we are afraid the truth will be too hard to handle, or keeping secrets for fear of others judging us, slowly eats away at us and our peace of mind. Whatever the reasons, we are as sick as our secrets. There is a freedom in telling the truth and sharing the secrets we have kept for so long. Bringing our secrets into the light of day allows for healing. There is a new found freedom. It took me a lot of years holding onto secrets. When I had someone close to me say those words to me, “we are as sick as our secrets”, I was finally free to bear my soul. Now, I make sure I have at least one person in my life that I can say anything to, someone I trust completely. Beause of this, I am free to share, free to feel, and free to be my authentic self. We have Angels and Spirit Guides around us all the time, but we also have angels on earth who hear us without judgement. Be your authentic self.

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