Loved Ones Who Have Passed

It’s so devastating when we lose someone so close to us that we don’t even know what to do, or how to do it without them. Our love for them makes it so hard to understand how this can happen. We go into a state of shock. The world keeps revolving and we are stopped in time. People are driving their cars; going grocery shopping and off to work, but we are stopped in our loss and pain. It’s hard to understand how life is still going on around us while we are deep in agonizing and overwhelming sadness. That’s where we come in. We try our best to connect with your loved one to try and find some peace in the midst of your great loss. We know we can’t take your pain away, but we can help to ease the pain and give you some clarity and connection with your loved one. Please, in the process, know that the pauses in between messages are giving us time to hear your loved ones and what they want to say to you. Please, please, don’t give us false questions or false information to try and trick us or to try and see if we are real and not a fraud. When you do that, it only hurts you and the connection between us and your loved ones. You need to trust the process and the medium. If you are not happy with the reading, you are welcome to rate us accordingly. Just give us a chance to do our best with your loved one Namaste’ Angel Readings by Regina

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