Depp/Heard Trial

I don’t know about you, but I have been really involved in the Depp/Heard trrial. In between chats and calls, I am addicted to what’s going to happen with the jury and their decision. I personally had an experience with a domestic violence situation many years ago and mine was very real and very frightening. If Amber is lying about the abuse, it’s not a good thing for women out there who are really going through violent episodes with their spouse or partner. They may be less likely to speak out against their abusers, should the jury decide for Johnny and against Amber because they may feel like no one will believe them, even though they are truley in an abusive relationship. I am hoping that this trial has a really positiive outcome for men who are in abusive relationships and are able to see that it’s not okay and it’s really okay to speak their truth and let someone know they are being abused. This trial makes it harder for abused women but hopefully inspires men to get out of their abusive relationships and speak out against the women who abuse them. Whatever the jury decides, there are men and women who will be hurt by this trial. May the Angels of Heaven surround them all with love and light.

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