Listen to That Still Small Voice

We all have a sixth sense, a feeling that something is not right. When we ignore this feeling and hope that everything will be good with someone, we end up unhappy and unfullfilled. It’s the “red flags” but it’s internal. I have learned, with age, to listen to my gut feelings and to end interactions before they go in a direction that I “know” I won’t be comfortable. But, I was not always like that. I would jump in feet first and not listen to my intuition. I would always regret those decisions. The plus from those experiences is that I did, over time, learn to listen to my sixth sense and close the door on something that might not be in my best interest. Sixth sense, or “knowing” is different from fear. We might be afraid to try a new experience, or a new relationship, but sixth sense tells us if it’s healthy or not healthy and if we will be happy or unhappy with our choices. Listen to your inner self. Trust yourself.

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