Abusive Relationships

The number one thing in an abusive relationship is to do everything you can to keep yourself safe, to the best of your ability. Report the abuse to friends and family. Tell them not to tell the abuser that you reported it to them. Only tell people that you know will do everything to protect you and not report the abuse allegation to the abuser. Contact a local domestic abuse hotline. You can do this online as well. Then erase the contact to them so the abuser does not see it. They can help you with the steps to get out of the situation safely. It’s not a “just leave” situation. There are important steps to take to prepare to leave before you acutally leave the abuser. They will walk you through every step and help you with your plan. IMPORTANT: If you call the police because the abuser is physically assaulting you, make sure that when the police arrive, you stay very calm. The abused person has been arrested because they are the loudest and the most out of control when the police arrive. So stay calm!

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