The Power of Learning

I have signed up for continuing education for years, from the first time I attended college back in the late 70’s. I love learning. These days, it keeps my mind active and feeling positive about myself. It also helps with decreasing my tendency toward depression and anxiety. If I’m educating myself, I’m focused on learning and less on my negative thinking. Even learning more ideas with my face painting and art brings me joy and accomplishment, and it brings joy to the person I’m painting. I need to remember that learning is so necessary for my mind and my spirit.

Learning brings multiple benefits such as:

  • Keeps the mind active and sharp.
  • Being social brings new friends, less loneliness.
  • Raises self-esteem and confidence.
  • Brings overall health, mentally and physically. Reduces the risk of depression.
  • Keeps us open to change.
  • Gives us a sense of purpose in life.
  • We gain an abundance of knowledge to pass on to others.

Some ways to continue to grow and obtain the above include:

  • Formal education
  • Online learning
  • Hobbies
  • Sports or Games in General
  • Volunteering
  • Increasing knowledge on various cultures and point of views.
  • Reading or researching topics that interest me.

Whatever it is, it’s important to keep ourselves from isolating and ruminating on negative things in our life.

And most importantly, finding a spiritual path that works for you, and studying and focusing on that. Meditation, Yoga, church, books, attending groups with like-minded people, all of this brings us a sense of peace. Without this as our main focus, everything else is a chore and trudging through life without purpose.

Find what brings you joy in life.

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