A Very Special Valentine’s Message for You!

Greetings Friends,

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful celebration for couples but it can also be a painful or a lonely one for others. I learned a long time ago not to wait around for my Valentine’s gift from my significant other, or the invitation to go out on a date on that day. If I had no expectations, I was not disappointed. I know. Easier said than done.

I have a few suggestions for a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to yourself. Should you have a significant other that is bad about Valentine’s celebrations, or you are hoping someone special asks you out and gives you a special gift, these are ideas that I came up with to pamper myself and gift myself with a special treat. Then, if I am asked out and receive a valentine’s gift, great! If not, I pamper myself! You deserve to be pampered.

Here are my list of don’ts:

  • Don’t watch romantic movies!
  • Don’t call and ask them out.
  • If they say no, that’s going to hurt worse.
  • Don’t sit home watching romantic movies, eating ice cream, and crying all evening.
  • Don’t beat up on yourself and tell yourself you’re not good enough because that is a big lie we tell ourselves when someone else doesn’t do what we want them to do.
  • Don’t give that person free rent in your head on Valentine’s Day. They don’t deserve your time or thoughts.

Here’s my list of pampering ideas:

  • Get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or a facial.
  • Buy yourself a Valentine’s gift!
  • Buy yourself the jewelry that you’ve been wanting, or a new outfit.
  • Buy a big box of chocolates, unless you’re trying to eat healthy, then get something healthy for yourself that you love to splurge on.
  • Take yourself and a friend of yours out to dinner and a movie.
  • Watch a funny movie at home with a friend that you can laugh with.
  • Get a hotel room for the night with a friend and get room service! Do early check in and use the pool and jacuzzi to relax.
  • Invest in yourself! You’re worth it!

Whatever you do,


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