Message of Personal Power

While I like the saying from Pinkvilla, it’s not just about thinking happy thoughts. It’s about paying attention to where our thoughts are because our thoughts are able to create an outcome. If we want a certain outcome, that’s what we focus on. There is a Universal Law in Science called Cause and Effect.

Oxford dictionary regarding cause and effect states:

the operation or relation of a cause and its effect.
“cause and effect play an important part in the universe”

There is always a cause, and there is always an effect as a result of that cause. I eat a lot of junk food (cause). I feel sick to my stomach (effect).

Science teaches that everything in the Universe has energy. A person has energy. A table has energy. We may not see the energy in the table but because it exists, it has to be made of energy. Our thoughts have energy and can produce a negative outcome or a positive one. Pay attention to how you think because that is what you create in you and around you. We have the personal power to create anything that we desire in life. Start using that power today!

“My happy thoughts will become my reality”

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