Our true nature whispers deep within us to move inward to that sacred place of Truth.  We don’t always listen.  Even when we are not attentive to our spiritual journey, our inner self never changes.  It continues to be, and has always been, perfect, whole, and complete. 

We move about and do this thing called life.  In this human experience, we get caught up in day to day challenges.  We tend to forget that we, by our very nature, are expressions of the Divine.  As the expressions of the Infinite Good we call God, we have within us everything that we will ever need.  We have the Power within us to change, to heal, to conquer, to create, and to do whatever it is that we need to do. 

All things are made up of God Energy including our thought.  We may think that some of our thoughts are not very God-like, but there is nothing in the Universe that is not Divinely manifested.  Our thoughts are energy and our thoughts create our experiences.  We may have issues with the word “God”.  Issues or no issues, the Divine is, always was, and always will be no matter the name we give It.   

If we do not like what we see in our lives, we must “re-think” to create a different life experience.  This isn’t about positive thinking alone.  It is moving our thoughts from the appearance of lack, or limitation, to a place of knowing the Truth, that Divine Order is always at work for our best interest and is the Support, the Answer, the Healer, and the Eternal Giver of good.  It is not a separate Power that exists somewhere out there.  It is a Power that created the Universe and all the expressions of it. 

If we are “asleep” to this knowledge, we must awaken and then rekindle the very essence of who we are.  By understanding that we can change these life circumstances that cause us pain, loneliness, illness, lack, and all forms of limitation, we are freed from the bondage of our circumstances.

We awaken to the Truth that has always been and always will be.  It is within us.  We tap into that amazing Power that can do the impossible, heal the sick, prosper the lacking, love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, and change the unchangeable. 


 Love & Light