Special Message for You

Be who you want to attract in your life. If we are attracting what we don’t want, examine how they are like us. It may not be everything about them, but there is always something about them that’s like us. It requires an honest inventory of ourselves. Then, and only then, will you begin to […]

Special Message for You

If you are stuck, unstuck yourself. Today is the day to make changes. Make the change that will bring you the greatest happiness and a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be big. Just make the change that you need. If it’s a big change, let go of fear and do it for YOU! […]

Message Especially for You!

“For every angel fluttering through the skies, there is a divine counterpart here on earth. Each of us has a golden, celestial-self just waiting to be awakened”. Sue K. We have a connection to all the souls on the “other side.” Angels are given to us because they are our celestial-self. We think of the […]

Encouragement for You

No matter how things feel now, there is hope. There is always light in the darkness and it’s okay to expect the unexpected. You will get through the challenges you face. “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Message of Personal Power

While I like the saying from Pinkvilla, it’s not just about thinking happy thoughts. It’s about paying attention to where our thoughts are because our thoughts are able to create an outcome. If we want a certain outcome, that’s what we focus on. There is a Universal Law in Science called Cause and Effect. Oxford […]

Who Do You Want to Be Today?

With this New Year, focus on who you want to be instead of what you need to do. We make New Year’s resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise and so on. This year, focus on who you want to be. Do you want to be more social with others? Do you want to be more loving? Do […]

Perspective is Everything!

Sometimes we get caught up in the negative around us and we miss out on the gifts within the chaos. Put on a new pair of glasses and see the gifts. The gifts may be a lesson in learning what you don’t want in your life. Or the gifts may be in seeing something beautiful […]

Make Your Dreams Come True

Your angels are wanting me to share this message with you. “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’.” -Audrey Hepburn Nothing is impossible. We have the Universe working with us all the time to make the impossible possible. We truly can have anything we desire. We just have to get out of our […]

Angel Message for You

Your angels are wanting me to share this message with you. “All dreams are within reach. All you have to do is keep moving towards them.” -Viola Davis We all go through failures and disappointments in life. It’s easy to give into that and give up. You don’t need to give up. There is love, […]

Angel Message for You

Your angels are wanting me to share this message with you. “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” -Regina Brett I don’t know where you’re at in life right now, but I’m hoping this will help you. I know, for myself, some days it’s hard to just […]