A Personal Journal

Touching The Divine Within

This book is filled with inspirational thoughts based on the Law of Attraction, the Divine Power within each of us, creating our highest good, and connecting to increased prosperity. Additionally, each page includes a journal format to allow the reader to document his or her thoughts and inspirations. “Touching the Divine Within” was created out of love and the desire to encourage others on their individual and unique spiritual paths.

This is a manifestation of a vision that provides an avenue to inspire and encourage others to write and create a life filled with all the greatness that the Universe has to offer. Journaling is such a wonderful tool to open a multitude of channels of healing and to facilitate spiritual growth. We know that your journey through this book will bring greater peace, higher consciousness, and above all, a blanket of love.

Touching the Divine Within (Book)

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“Your wonderful book of affirmations is far more than the written word. The affirmations arouse a deep, internal feeling as they touch a depth beyond the visual. Thank you for such a great contribution.”

~ Jo Ann Buckner, RScP

“I wrote in your book last night while Jim and I were watching TV. I use your book’s positive affirmations to gain better insight into myself and others. I love that! I kinda need that more right now.
I have been talking to my sisters a lot lately so it was helpful on many levels of my life right now, so thank you again!”

~ Vonda P.

“I love your book so much Regina. I do write in it frequently, but the thing that I love the most is that I pick it up when I need some support; I ask God to tell me what it is that I need to know for that moment, and I always open up to the perfect one for me!
Many, many Blessings to you and your work!”

~ Jack